Service Dog Training FAQs

How does training a service dog with you work?

Upon evaluation of your dog and the details of your relationship with your dog, we will create a custom training program to prepare your dog for a specific psychiatric task or emotional support.

We generally work with our clients through our regular obedience training. Because we work one-on-one, we will create a specialized program just for you. In some cases, we can train the dog for you through our Hands Off program.

How much does it cost to train a service dog?

The cost for training a service dog is the same as obedience training. It will depend on your dog’s size and the amount of time required. Most people find training to Level 2 sufficient, provided the dog is old enough and has had enough practice.

Can you help me select a service dog?

Yes. We charge a flat hourly rate to investigate breeders, analyze pedigrees, and recommend specific dogs for the type of work required. However, please note that sometimes the most promising candidates wash out of programs. We can’t make any predictions or guarantees.

I got a dog from the shelter. Can he be a service dog?

Good service dogs are rare. There’s a possibility your dog can do it, but most can’t.

Can you sell me a fully trained service dog?

No. Dogs currently being sold as “service dogs” usually have market values from between $10,000-$15,000. We are opposed to dogs being sold for a profit for this purpose, and feel that it is absurdly expensive and that good people are being taken advantage of. That’s why we also don’t charge extra to train service dogs.

Can you train my dog to be a protection dog and a service dog?

No, and we won’t consider it even for a second.