Protection Dog FAQs

Can I train any dog for protection?

In the sense of breed, yes, you don’t need to have a particular type of dog. However, I will not train any dog that is temperamentally unsuited to this type of work. When you’re working with defensive drives, dogs must be stable. Some dogs just can’t handle this and can be absolutely ruined.

Can you help me choose a suitable puppy?

Absolutely. We charge a flat hourly rate to investigate breeders, analyze pedigrees, and recommend specific dogs. I am also extremely familiar with the lines of many types of working dogs suitable for protection work. However, please note that dogs aren’t automatons, and protection work requires very specific attributes. We can’t make any predictions or guarantees.

I don’t want to do obedience training first, I just want a protection dog.

Any dog I do protection work with absolutely must have completed levels 1 and 2 with me, or demonstrate full obedience on and off-leash to my satisfaction before I will protection train him or her. These dogs must be reliable ….. I will not put any potentially dangerous dog out on the street.