Nitro K-9 Nutritional Viewpoint

In my opinion as a dog owner and a dog lover; nothing is more important than proper nutrition for your dog’s health. I remember when I first got into dogs and everybody thought Purina was just great. We know now, that it is one of the worst things you can feed your dog. If you have made a serious commitment to keeping an animal then you must feed them the best you can. Dogs need oils and vitamins just like we do! I have been called a mad scientist and an over achiever when it comes to my dogs’ health. I would much rather be remembered this way than the opposite. I certainly do not want to be somebody who claims they love their dogs more than anything; but needed to be sure they got that 100 dollar bottle of wine over a joint supplement!

I encourage all of you to read labels and then research the content of those labels. Know what you are feeding your dog: just like you would do for yourself. Why have a dog if you do not want to keep him or her healthy and at their best? There are very few “kibbles” that I like. I will say that kibbles have come a long, long way from where they were. We still have a long way to go. It is my opinion that NO kibble can reproduce a fresh and natural source of nutrition.

When I was brought up, my mother made me eat fresh berries, salads, fruits etc., and she was constantly watching labels. She would never have let me live on protein bars or astronaut food. So why do we do this with our dogs now? I think it is because Purina changed the way the world feeds their dogs. In the 50’s we fed our dog’s fresh raw meat and tons of table scraps. Then Purina went, hey look, you can keep this for months and months on a shelf and it will not go bad. You can pay WAY less and don’t worry it is the best for your dog… What a lie!

As society changed, everything became instant. It is so easy to just put the kibble in a bowl and walk away. It takes real effort and time to supplement and provide fresh vegetables and fresh hormone antibiotic free meats, the oils and joint support and everything else are so critical to your dog’s health. I beg you to feed the best you can, and to read the labels, imagine if it was your child being fed. You can easily find cheap and inexpensive vegetables at local farmers markets.

Kibble is often potato based; a white or a yellow potato is normally used. Just like in people; it has been proven that the starch from potatoes can cause rapid ups and downs in blood sugar. There are many new kibbles that promote “like raw” or grain free, and they often use a pea base rather than a potato. Imagine a big stew pot, first thing we are going to do is throw all the old and brown or rotten and near rotten potatoes into the pot. Then some water to get it boiling and then we add the good stuff. Chicken meal; which is normally made from beaks, feathers, and other gross unusable parts of the bird, that is then boiled down into a mush. Then we add that to the already cooking potato base and stir real good. If they use grain, it is normally the shaft of the wheat and that is the discarded part of the wheat. Yum….

I am not even mentioning the pesticides and garden poisons that are sometimes used. They will sprinkle joint stuff on it so you can feel good you are giving that. The digestibility is lost in this cooking process. The same is true for kibbles that have the “vitamins” added after cooking and state this on their labels. They just exposed themselves, they know kibbles cannot provide adequate or even near proper nutrition. They openly admit the cooking process destroys everything and people still buy it!

I have seen massive dog food recalls this year like no other time in history. Dog foods are mass produced in the same plant and salmonella and food poising in dogs and people are common place. These same factories are rapidly sited for health violations and just pay the bill and keep on trucking. So, please do your research and do not trust a profit based corporation over your own eyes and common sense.

People may try to scare you about raw feeding. But I have seen how kibble is made and that scares me a million times more. Your dogs deserve fresh, clean and healthy food. It does not have to be terribly expensive and there is always a way to do better.

“The physical nature of expanded pet food is enabled by the property of starch to gelatinize. These starches are generally derived from processed corn, oats, wheat, rice or barley. Most expanded pet foods are 30-50% soluble carbohydrates (starch and sugar… not fiber). Prolonged, exclusive feeding of an expanded food that is high in soluble carbohydrates can lead to health problems that could include decreased life span, poor teeth, bad breath, diabetes, bloat, skin conditions/allergies, low energy levels and obesity. A pet’s ideal diet should consist of no more than 20% soluble carbohydrates combined with plenty of exercise. One efficient way to achieve lower levels of soluble carbohydrates is to feed a properly prepared raw diet.”

-Dr. Richard Patton, PhD internationally known expert in animal nutrition

Here is a list of Nitro Endorsed Foods and Supplements-

Raw Feeding:

Darwin’s Pet Foods
Better Meats Seattle

Kibbles we like:

Sojos Grain-Free Dog Food Mix, 8 lb
Acana Pacifica Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, 29.7lb
Orijen Grain-Free Adult Dry Dog Food, 29.7lb
Canine Caviar Wild Ocean Grain Free Holistic Herring and Split Pea Dry Dog Food

Oils we like and use:

Life Line Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats, 66-Ounce
Barlean’s Organic Oils High Lignan Flax Oil, 16-Ounce Bottle
Nature’s Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 Ounce
EFA Caps – 60 ct

Supplements we like and use:

Norwegian Kelp Vegetarian Blend – 1 pound
Animal Essentials Natural Seaweed Calcium, 340 Grams
Sure Grow 100 – 100 count Chewable Tablet
Healthforce Green Mush, Powder, 10-Ounce
Prozyme Original Formula for Dogs & Cats – 454 gm
Green Mush 10oz – for pets, Healthforce Nutritonals

Joint Supplements we like and use:

Glyco-Flex I Stage I, 120-Chew Tabs
Liquid Health K-9 Glucosamine with OptiMSM, Hip and Joint Formula, 32-Ounce Unit
DVM Resources SynoviG3 Soft Chews, 240 Chews

Supplements for Athletic K-9s we like and use:

K9 Super Fuel (4.27 lbs.)
Animal Naturals K9 Show Stopper – 7 lb
K-9 Bluelite(electrolyte) -1.75lb

Supplements for puppies we like and use:

Animal Naturals K9 Puppy Gold — 1 lb

Senior Dog Supplements we like and use:

Young at Heart 3.6 lb.

Additional supplementation we like and use:

Animal Naturals K9 Immune Dog — 7.6 oz

Disclaimer: This information was written and published for educational purposes only, and it not intended to take the place of veterinary care. Please consult a veterinarian should the need for one be indicated. The author shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person, pet, or entity with respect to loss, damage, or injury caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained in this book. Some breeds, such as Dalmatians, can have problems with the purines in beef liver and hearts. Giant breed puppy owners should consult with their veterinarian or their puppy’s breeder before making any dietary changes.