Nitro K-9 Demo Dog Freya

What proud dog trainer or dog parent would not want to take a moment and talk to you about my new puppy Freya? I knew after Dutch, I wanted another Dutch Shepherd. The problem I had was most of the dogs in both the US and Europe carried to much line breeding and way to many trails back to the same dogs. While Dutch has an impressive pedigree, I felt getting a female as far away from his bloodlines to be the best choice for my new pup and as a potential mate for Dutch in the future.

I have long been a fan of Robert at Land of Oz K-9 and his dogs Dynasty and Jet. When I first met Robert I was breeding Belgian Malinois in Bellingham, Washington and had no need for more dogs. I contacted him again almost 15 years later! Robert breeds the old European way and that is why I like him. It is not about pedigree; but rather breeding dogs for working ability and keeping bloodlines as clean as possible. He had no puppies at the moment that had the things I was looking for in a second dog. Robert introduced me to his apprentice and the man who will take over Robert’s kennels after he retires. This man is Drew and his company is Midwest Working Dog.

I was placed with the perfect puppy for me and what I wanted. Freya is bred the European way and papers were of less concern than soundness of mind, nerve, working drive and stability.

Freya’s father Nero is one of the top producing working stud dogs in professional handling today. Nero is a young civil Malinios with a great pedigree. He has a nice full grip, crazy ball drive and devastating attacks. He is a very confident, civil dominant dog with serious natural aggression and he passes these traits on to his puppies. He was imported from Holland and son to Senna (Eriem BRN 8588 x Mickey BRN 8633) x Joep BRN 4270.

Freya’s mother Kanga is a hard green female sound and hard and full grip bites. Kanga is from dogs such as Jet, Dynasty, and Jocko. Jett is a very high drive Dutch Shepherd; his attacks are very quick and strong. He has a full, calm and very confident bite and we are glad to be able to use him in our breeding program. Jett is the son of “Smokie” PH1 440 Perfect Score and “Amber” PH1 met Lof.

One of the cool things about being a dog owner; is knowing what you like. When you know the traits of your dogs breed and the full history you have an endless treasure chest of goodies.

I will keep a photo galley of her growth and training.

I will also be Blogging weekly about Freya and her growth and training. I will share step by step about Freya and what I am feeding her. I will also populate this page with photos as she grows. All of her training will be filmed in stages and posted. I will write openly about all difficulties and joys.

If you have the puppy or dog of your dreams too; let’s start training together right away!