Nitro K-9 Demo Dog Dutch

Dutch and Steve Walter

I wanted to take a moment and talk to you about Dutch, or as I call him “Dutch Shepherd Puppy”. When I went looking for a pup, I was referred to Asheley Winters at Vrijheid Dutch Shepherds by the kind folks at “Canine Training Concepts”. After many emails, calls and lots of waiting, that special day came. When I arrived at the airport I found a small crate that housed a tiny little puppy with the blackest face I had ever seen. I opened the crate door and he cautiously stepped out, nose to the ground. I put him on a leash, threw the crate in a dumpster, and our journey began. During our brief drive home, I looked over at him, impressed with his confidence, and I asked him in a cooing voice “Are you a Dutch Shepherd Puppy?” I’ve never seen a dog get so offended! It was as if he thought ‘how dare you speak to me like I’m a baby.’ He barked in my face, letting me know he WAS a Dutch Shepherd puppy. At that moment, I knew his name was Dutch.

Dutch’s Breeder

Dutch’s Breeder, Asheley Winters, truly is at the top of her game. Dutch’s father is a nationally recognized dog. His mother is no amateur either. While not sporting the titles of Dutch’s father, this young gal plays with the best of them and is one of Asheley’s TOP breeding bitches. Her Pen Hip and OFA scores are impressive to say the least.

Dutch’s Parents
Vrijheid’s Aaron


Dutch’s Training

Dutch is being trained in many dog disciplines so that he can represent Nitro K-9 and serve as a demonstration dog.


Dutch is trained and cross-trained with pieces of all of the following:
French Ring KNPV Mondio Ring Schutzhund
Belgian Ring Water Rescue Narcotics Detection Search and Rescue
Nitro Dog Personal Protection Emotional Support Avalanche Rescue Panic Detection
Therapy Dog Fly Ball
Please note that formal titles in these disciplines will not be pursued with Dutch.

If you have the time and the motivation, train with me and Dutch. Come learn all you will ever need in the Nitro Dog Level 1 Training Program, and you, too, can make all your dog training dreams come true.

His and his daddy Look right! Dutch Shepherd Puppy Already an eye catcher at a young age Where's Daddy? Born to be on Duty Floppy Ears Dutch Love me, Daddy! Less than 2 years old and already stunningly strong Dutch lounging at home!