Hands-Off FAQs

Why are there 7 lessons for in-person training, but 14 sessions for the Hands-Off program?

Our regular obedience training, where we work with you, is conducted approximately once a week, and you have time to practice in between session and check in with your trainer. The Hands Off program is completed within 14 hours total.

If you train my dog, will my dog follow the commands just like he does with my trainer?

Yes, but not right away. You will need to be trained too! That’s why we include two free lessons in our Level 1 14 lesson package—to show you what your dog has learned, and how to do the leash work and other commands.

Why do you only train during the weekday and not on weekends?

We like to give the dogs a little bit of a break. Keep in mind that you hired a professional trainer—and trust us, your dog will need some rest.

Can you help us with issues like barking, jumping, counter surfing, digging, crate training, etc.?

We are happy to evaluate the individual situation or issues and provide guidance and techniques for you to use. That’s why we’re here!