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An Eastern Twist

Private Behavior Modification Since 1994

TRAINING FOR THE REAL WORLD FOR THE REAL DOG We provide private obedience training for large and small dogs. See how our non-food based training program gets better results. LEARN MORE LET US TRAIN YOUR DOG FOR YOU We provide ultimate flexibility with our Hands Off program including coming to your home —or any other location you specify. LEARN MORE WE ARE MORE THAN JUST DOG WALKERS When your dog is walked by someone with years of behavior experience you can rest easy knowing your dog is in good hands. Training is reinforced free of charge! LEARN MORE


Welcome to Nitro K-9.

Nitro K-9 offers general obedience, aggression and anxiety modification, and highly specialized training for dogs of any size, breed, or age. Using a system for simple commands that actually works, we will teach you to improve the bond between you and your dog. No food. No bribes. No inconsistent results. We specialize in helping to resolve problem behaviors, so you and your dog can have the happy, healthy relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

Nitro K-9 training is based on proven European dog training used by police and military handlers and incorporates eastern internal arts techniques to promote the flow of energy between dog and handler.

Our system is elegant, efficient, and simple to use. And it is not based on food.

Are you ready for a real change from food based programs that just don’t work? We can show you a better way. We are located in Seattle, WA.

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